Thought Starters About School Redesign

What should school be?  Everyone is encouraged (sometimes with a push from state and federal mandates) to develop schools into places different than they’ve been.  If you and your faculty & staff are contemplating innovation, something new, and redesign, you already are on the right track merely by beginning a genuine conversation about doing things differently.

To assist you in those conversations, PM! recommends a look at the following resources.  None of them represent products or formulas for school change.  They do, however, serve as thought starters that can aid in your conversation.  It’s there that the answers lie.  The nuances of your school and community have to be considered when bringing about change.  Great ideas, customized for an individual school and tackled with genuine collaboration lead to tremendous success.  Those efforts begin with a conversation,  and the following resources may help you get that conversation started. Click, watch, share, discuss. Repeat.

Sugata Mitra’s School in the Cloud

Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

From, what we DON’T teach in schools.

Article: Teach Kids to Think, Not Memorize

Learning Through Grit: New Hampshire Teacher.






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