Built-In Growth Mindset: Don’t Miss It!

We all want to work with people who have a growth mindset… those who are willing to try new things, not afraid to fail, and most importantly, enjoy the process of learning and growth.  As we’ve read in Carol Dweck’s work, those individuals who approach life with a fixed mindset are a great challenge to the leaders who support them.  They resist change, detest failing, and temper the enthusiasm of others around them who do have a growth mindset.

Leaders!  You have a great window of opportunity.  Don’t miss it!

Culturally speaking, the new calendar year offers an opportunity for leaders to catch people at a moment that they are more likely to be approaching life and work with a growth mindset.  The tradition of resolutions and improvement is one on which school leaders need to capitalize.  Now is a great time to get individuals on your team to be receptive to new things, tweaking processes, or starting new habits.  As this week begins and your faculty, staff, and students return to school after a rest, don’t allow the moment to pass.  Capture the opportunity and challenge yourself and your team to improvement, learning and growth.

How?  Get people talking.  Start with a fundamental question for conversations.  (“What is something new you will try this week?  What are you ready to change to be a better teacher?  What is something I’d love to learn?)

The folks that have a growth mindset all year long will enjoy the company!  Get the fixed mindsetters on board while the moment is right!  Learn, improve, grow!




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