Professional Reading Saturday: A More Beautiful Question

Welcome to the first Saturday of 2017!  Here’s what’s special about Saturdays here at Principal-Matters! and our Leadership365 initiative:  Books, Articles, and Videos.  It’s our goal to share with you at least one of those outlets for your learning pleasure each Saturday.   


A More Beautiful Question:  By Warren Berger

How effective are you in asking questions?  Do you lead with requests or demands?  When you speak with others, do you leave them with questions to consider?

Questions.  For principals and assistant principals, you are asked a lot of questions, but how many questions do you ask?  When you give someone instructions, you have done all of the thinking.  When you leave someone with a question, haven’t you extended the learning beyond the moment?

Warren Berger explores the importance of questions and the value of seeking more beautiful questions.  According to Berger, “the most creative, successful people tend to be expert questioners.”  We all begin as questioners:  the average four-year old asks 390 questions a day!  Unfortunately, school (and parents too) can shut down questioning when they get weary of hearing them.  The world that waits beyond school for our students is a world of questions… and instead of cutting them off, we would be well-served to nurture our students in learning better questioning techniques.

This book is great for anyone in schools to read…  teachers as well as administrators.  Since reading it, I’ve gone back to it on several occasions to reference different passages and share with others.

As we continue to search for ways for our students to be more well-prepared for the world beyond school, this book may offer a direction that will make a difference for you and your school!





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