Professional Reading Saturday! Do You Know Enough About Me to Teach Me?

What’s special about Saturdays here at Principal-Matters?  Professional Reading Saturday!  This week’s suggestion connects with our focus in January on developing a Community of Care and Support For Students.

Professional Reading Saturday:

Do You Know Enough About Me to Teach Me?
By Dr. Stephen Peters

stephen-peters-bookThis is the perfect book to fit in with this month’s emphasis on developing a community of care and support for students.  Dr. Stephen Peters has been taking on this question for years in his presentations and his work with schools.  His book goes directly to the source to discuss the need for personalization and relationships in schools; it features interviews with over 100 students and reveals what good educators already know… they don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

People who have read Peters’ book are reminded of the reason they got into teaching… to make a difference.  Hearing the stories of students in their own words is a powerful tool to remind all educators to invest time in developing quality relationships with our students.

Dr. Peters is currently the superintendent of Laurens District 55 Schools in South Carolina and can be found online here:  and is a part of the Twitterverse here:  @stephengpeters  He and his wife Angela are the founders of the Gentlemen’s Club and Ladies Club, a nationally-recognized model to help young people transition into adulthood with the skills and dispositions that lead to success.  More on those super-successful programs in another edition of Principal Matters! 

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_________________________________________________________________The focus of work in our Principal and Assistant Principal Academies during January 2017 has been on standard five of the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, listed below. Today’s Leadership365 is dedicated to the topic to support that learning. 


You can see the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders in entirety here:  (

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