So, Exactly Who is “At-Risk”?

We often talk in education about “at-risk” youth, and the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) recently concluded its annual At-Risk Youth Forum.  So, exactly who is “at-risk”? For practical purposes, all students, to a degree, are at-risk to drop out of school and not graduate on time with their class right up to the pointContinue reading “So, Exactly Who is “At-Risk”?”

Reducing Dropouts Is Everyone’s Business

What do we do to reduce the number of dropouts?  Each year, young people make the decision to withdraw from school before they have earned a high school diploma.  The celebration of graduation is an event with many contributors, not just those at the high school.  When a student earns a diploma, it represents aContinue reading “Reducing Dropouts Is Everyone’s Business”

What If… You Had More Time? The School Administrator’s Dream

When you are a principal or an assistant principal, you are always facing the challenge of time.  Sometimes the day runs you instead of you running the day.  You can work like crazy all day long, never sit down, only go to the restroom once, eat lunch at 2:00 PM and wonder at the endContinue reading “What If… You Had More Time? The School Administrator’s Dream”

Professional Reading Saturday: Reaching The Wounded Student

Reaching The Wounded Student  By Joe Hendershott In each of our schools, we work to serve our students.  We develop pyramids of intervention for academics, we differentiate instruction, we tailor support systems for after-school programs. But do we have the resources and mindsets needed to help students in our schools who have been wounded? Joe Hendershott and hisContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Reaching The Wounded Student”

How Much Does Dropping Out Actually Cost?

So how much does dropping out cost anyway?  Didn’t I hear that people really didn’t need a college education anyway?  If you don’t need a college education, then do you really need a high school diploma? Misinformation has become a sort of common thing in recent times, but its prevalence doesn’t diminish its adverse effects. Continue reading “How Much Does Dropping Out Actually Cost?”

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