The Five Dysfunctions of Team: Professional Reading Saturday

Schools are about teamwork.  Students work together, teachers collaborate in meaningful teams, we learn in professional learning communities.  The principal is the orchestra leader of all of the sections of the school.  But, what happens when the teams aren’t effective?

We need to be more intentional in building and developing teams in our schools.   A great place to begin your work together is with Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.


Lencioni, a best-selling author who has penned over a dozen management and leadership books, famously creates a “business fable” in many of his works.  In Five Dysfunctions, Lencioni introduces the reader to the fictional Kathryn Petersen, CEO of Decision Tech whose company faces failure because of the dysfunction of the team. As Lencioni weaves the tale, he introduces you to the five dysfunctions and demonstrates why teams struggle… and how they can properly function and be effective.

teamwork-is-the-ultimate-advantageAs schools continue to become more effective through teamwork, school leaders should become experts in developing and training teams and team leaders. To do so, deeper understanding of how teams work can be of great value.  Consider previewing The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and using it to work with your team leaders in preparation for their work.



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