Professional Reading Saturday: Reaching The Wounded Student

Reaching The Wounded Student  By Joe Hendershott

In each of our schools, we work to serve our students.  We develop pyramids of intervention for academics, we differentiate instruction, we tailor support systems for after-school programs.

But do we have the resources and mindsets needed to help students in our schools who have been wounded?

Joe Hendershott and his wife Dardi are the founders of Hope For The Wounded Student, a movement to support educators in their work with students who are more than at-risk, but are wounded.

In his book Reaching the Wounded Student, Hendershott shares inspiration and strategies to help the reader more effectively provide support for students who suffer from hopelessness.

Hendershott has learned through his career as an educator and his work with schools across the country that many of our typical school practices don’t work for students who are wounded.  Often we are unsure why our actions fail to change behaviors as we’d like, but if we approach wounded students in a different way perhaps things will be different.



What Reaching the Wounded Student offers is a real study into areas that most schools haven’t explored before.  Hendershott offers tested strategies into disciplining students who have been wounded; supporting them academically, and getting them the ongoing support needed to heal.

If you have students that you feel you aren’t making a difference with no matter how much you try, maybe you need to try a different approach.  Reaching the Wounded Student gives you that different approach, particularly one that meets the specific needs of students that are in every school, in need of your help, your hope, and of healing.

You can find the book at the link below or at your favorite place to buy education books:

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