Professional Reading Saturday: The Innovator’s Mindset

This week at Principal Matters! we’ve been examining leadership for innovation.  We pondered the question “Are You an Innovative Leader?”  and dug deep into failure with a look at How Fear Suffocates Innovation.  Yesterday was time to reflect on your school’s attitude towards ideas and the people who have them (The Words You Want To Hear:  I Have an Idea).

Today is Saturday, which means Professional Reading, and a great complement to this week’s thinking is George Couros’ work,  The Innovator’s Mindset:  Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead A Culture of Creativity. 

In The Innovator’s Mindset, Couros shares eight characteristics of an innovator’s mindset:  empathy, problem-finders, risk-takes, networked, observant, creators, resilient, and reflective.


Couros calls teachers, school and district leaders, as well as parents to explore The Innovator’s Mindset  and in turn empower learners to “wonder, explore, and to become forward-thinking leaders.

Are you looking for something to turn your classrooms into places of discovery?  Couros’ The Innovator’s Mindset is practical, easy to relate to, and full of specifics that can help you and your teachers transform your school into the place of exploration it was meant to be.

Pick up The Innovator’s Mindset wherever you like to buy books!






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