Students and Teachers Have Ideas Worth Spreading

It’s time for the 2017 TED Conference, and neuroscientists, inventors, technologists, and performers have gathered in Vancouver, British Columbia to share their ideas worth spreading. A group of a dozen educators are joining them, and with the staff of TED-Ed they are examining how to get more students and teachers into spreading their ideas. TED-Ed has beenContinue reading “Students and Teachers Have Ideas Worth Spreading”

But Seriously, Are You Enjoying Being The Principal?

Just finished watching Ron Howard’s documentary on the touring history of The Beatles, titled “Eight Days A Week:  The Touring Years.”  (If you like music, documentaries or if you’ve ever heard of the Beatles you might enjoy watching).  It takes you from the beginning of their playing days in Liverpool and features the iconic arrival toContinue reading “But Seriously, Are You Enjoying Being The Principal?”

Professional Reading Saturday: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

It’s been questions week at Principal Matters!;  questions for you as the principal or assistant principal to ask your teachers, your students, their parents, and even yourself.  As you reach the conclusion of the school year, you need to gather the data that will help you design next school year.  To do so, you need to askContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions”

Twenty Questions: The Administrator’s Version

This week at Principal Matters! has been one question after another.  Our focus has been on gathering meaningful perception data while the opportunity exists.  You can’t get year-end, summative perceptions until near the end of the year.  If you wait too late, however, you’ll have missed the moment and thoughts will fade away about this schoolContinue reading “Twenty Questions: The Administrator’s Version”

Twenty End-of-the-Year Questions To Ask Your Teachers

As has been our theme all week long, we look again at questions, and in this column, questions for… the teachers. Yes, teachers get surveyed a lot.  You may prefer to gather this data in small groups, in meetings, or in a format that leads to more openness and deeper reflection. In concluding the schoolContinue reading “Twenty End-of-the-Year Questions To Ask Your Teachers”

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