Professional Reading Saturday: Cooperative Discipline

“…students choose their behavior, and we have the power to influence… not control… their choices.  The change starts with the teachers.  We need to learn how to interact with students so they’ll want to choose appropriate behavior and comply with the rules.” 

Linda Albert’s Cooperative Discipline isn’t a new book, but it’s just as valuable now as it was at the time of its original printing.  This week here at Principal Matters! we’ve been focusing on Freshman Success and have looked at how establishing a Freshman Academy can lead to improved outcomes.

Regardless of the configuration of your ninth-grade students, one thing is certain:  everyone will be more successful if they make wiser choices at school.  What usually happens is that those students who already know how to make better choices do well while those who don’t fall into a spiral that leads to poor academic performance and a struggle in doing well in school.

cooperative discipline 2

What if you spent time working with your teachers to develop their skills and their dispositions in cooperative discipline?  That’s what this week’s reading recommendation is about.  This is an easy-to-read, easy-to-use, and easy-to-refer-back-to guidebook that can transform the way your teachers interact with their students, and in turn lead to student behaviors that are more consistent and more successful.

It’s a great one for using as a book study.   In both of the schools where I was a part of opening a Freshman Academy, this was our opening study and deserves a lot of the credit for what we were able to accomplish with our students.

Pick it up wherever you buy books!




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