Professional Reading Saturday: The Ideal Team Player

This week our focus has been teacher teams  and teacher-leaders.  For this Saturday’s professional reading recommendation, we go back to the today’s clearest voice on how teams work, Patrick Lencioni, and his book, The Ideal Team Player.

As he did in The Five Dysfunctions of A Team (previously recommended here), Lencioini shares a business fable to guide the reader into an understanding of how teams work and what makes the ideal team player.

Lencioni introduces us to Jeff Shanley who is facing the dilemma of rescuing a failing family business. To do it, he has to discover what it is that makes organizations successful– and how he can infuse those values into the company.

As we follow Shanley’s journey, Lencioni reveals his message to the leaders who are reading.  He establishes what team players do, how leaders can identify them, and how we can implement hiring strategies to build teams that work.

Ideal Team Player

As school leaders, much of our future (and present) work will shift from technician-driven work with individuals and move to building teams that collaborate and excel.  We are shifting from sole proprietorships to partnerships, collaborations, and teams.  As leaders, we need to improve our skills and broaden our knowledge in how teams work.  Lencioni makes it easy for us in this work about recognizing the virtues of the team player.

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