Professional Reading Saturday: Reframing Teacher Leadership

We’ve spent the last two weeks focusing on teacher-leaders and how principals and assistant principals can support them.  Our Professional Reading Saturday recommendation is Reframing Teacher Leadership from educational leadership icon Douglas B. Reeves.  Reeves is the founder of Creative Leadership Solutions and author of dozens of works covering an array of educational topics from creativity to grading.  Much of his work focuses on school leadership, and in this book he examines the role of teachers as leaders in school improvement.

Reeves presents a framework of seven elements of teacher leadership that exist in a perpetual cycle of school improvement, but why?  As Reeves explains, teacher leadership has been around as long as Plato and Socrates.  The two are basically inseparable.  What Reeves seeks to do in Reframing Teacher Leadership is to infuse research and practical application, gathered in exhaustive studies he and his colleagues have conducted, into the conversation about teacher leadership in schools everywhere.

framework for teacher leaders

Continue your study of teacher leadership.  You can get this book wherever you like to purchase books!



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