Ten End-Of-The-Year Questions For Parents

One of the greatest areas of growth in our schools is in our work with parents.  As we reach the end of the school year, now is a good time to get data from our parents.

We can do so in surveys, in formal meetings, small-group settings, and informally.   Perhaps as important as when we talk to parents is what questions can we ask them to support the work and collect data that can be helpful.

While all schools are engaged in surveying parents, conversations may bring a deeper level of information.  Even if surveys were more focused on questions that support the individual work of your school, the data you collect might be richer.

parents involvementAs always, what you need to know is based on the context of your school as much as anything.  To prime the pump of your thinking, please find a set of ten possible questions for parents at the end of the year. They are written to be used across grade bands, so you might want to adapt the wording to make it most appropriate for your school level.

You may find some, all, or none of them to be questions that you’d like to ask, but no matter which you choose, consider the value of asking engaging questions to the parents of your students as you approach the conclusion of  the school year. On to the examples:

Ten Questions for Parents at the End of the School Year

  1. What did your daughter/son enjoy learning the most this year?
  2. What do you believe that your son/daughter learned well this year?
  3. In what ways did you support your child’s learning?
  4. In what ways did we at the school help you support your child’s learning?
  5. How could we have partnered with you more effectively this year?
  6. What skill or skills do you want your son/daughter to know how to do more effectively?
  7. What can we provide for you, if anything, to help you continue your child’s learning this summer?
  8. What can we do in partnership with you to start next school year off on the right foot?
  9. Is your daughter/son learning what you expect them to be learning at this point in their schooling?
  10. How can we be the best partner possible with you to help your son/daughter grow in what they know, what they can do, and who they are?




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