Professional Reading Saturday: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

It’s been questions week at Principal Matters!;  questions for you as the principal or assistant principal to ask your teachers, your students, their parents, and even yourself.  As you reach the conclusion of the school year, you need to gather the data that will help you design next school year.  To do so, you need to ask questions.

future belongs to the curiousTo support you in your work, this week’s Professional Reading Saturday recommendation is from legendary leadership author John C. Maxwell and his book Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.

Like the library of books to help leaders that Maxwell has authored, this is a reader-friendly piece that drives at the heart of what we’ve been discussing all week, why questions matter and how to ask more meaningful questions. 

Maxwell mixes stories with quotable quotes, taking the reader through questions he asks, questions that he is asked, and then questions that he asks of growing leaders.

You’ll grow as a questioner and pick up a bag full of nuggets of wisdom about great questions in this book.  You can get it wherever you like to buy books!



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