One. A Process for Success for Every One and Everyone

Stephen Peters and I have known each other for years. We both grew up in South Carolina and now reside in Georgia. In between, we have both been blessed in careers of service through education.

We’ve been teachers, coaches, and principals. We’ve helped others be better teachers, better coaches, better principals.

Now we find ourselves together with decades of experience and a joint mission… help schools and school systems to meet their potential in success for every one and for everyone.

We’re proud to announce the launch of our initiative, One.

So, what is it?

One. is a process for building schools of excellence for every one and everyone, developed and led by Stephen and I.

We help you align your resources towards a vision & develop strategies that build a deeply-seated culture of equity, unity, collaboration and excellence. 

One. is not a program, packaged for redelivery.

It’s a process based on a conceptual framework that is unique for each school and system we support. 

The work we do with you is the deep work. We aren’t designed for a quick fix. We help you build your system for the long haul. 

We lead the people in your system in a multi-tiered and multi-yeared set of processes about vision, values, purpose, personal growth and collective efficacy.

Our work is with all of your people: your Board, your Superintendent and Central Office, your School-Level Administrators, your Teachers, your Students, your Staff, your Parents and Community. 

What we do when and with whom is carefully designed following a lengthy data-collection to pinpoint your baseline and approximate your desired direction.

This work is about everything. 

It’s about your climate, the atmosphere you live in, the air you breathe, the way your schools feel.. 

It’s about your culture, your values and priorities that drive the thoughts and actions of everyone in your system. 

It’s about reflection and refinement.  

It’s genuine and real; it’s about building a place where each person and their journey is supported, encouraged, and celebrated.

It’s about bringing people together in pursuit of common goals and in support of each other’s journeys. 

It’s about learning.  And learning to learn, and loving learning.  It’s about failing forward and learning through mistakes.  

It’s about the real life of your schools, your system, and your community. 

“Educational Programs” seek to shape you into an image they bring to you and every other system they work with.  

The work of One. is built around the notion that your schools, your system and community are unique. 

We bring decades of experience doing this very thing in schools we’ve led and schools we’ve taught to do these things. 

Engage us to support your excellence.  We’ll help you serve every one and everyone.  

Contact us for more information or to discuss engaging us in support of your work:

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  1. Dear Dr. Stephens, how can I order copies of One to give to the Board members of the St. Louis Regional Literacy Association? Sincerely, Lisa Greening, Turn the Page STL

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