Equity and Excellence In Our Schools

What kind of conversations are you having with your administrative team about equity and excellence?

The past year has delivered challenges to educators everywhere that have stretched our time, resources, and energy to the limits. As we begin to look ahead and plan for our yet-blurry future, issues of equity and excellence continue to be important for your consideration.

To support your work, Dr. Stephen Peters and I are privileged to facilitate and host a series of sessions designed to provoke your thoughts and ignite your conversations. Here is the format:

Part 1. WEBINAR: Presentation from Thought Leaders (see the flyer at the top of the page, please). These webinars are hosted from 4:00-5:00 PM ET on the dates listed.

Part 2. REFLECT: We share questions for reflection; your admin team or group of colleagues discuss them on your time, in your space. After the webinar, we’ll generate a list of thought-provoking questions that you can use, if you’d like, to start conversations among your school-level or district-level administrative team, a group of your colleagues, or whomever you’d like to interact with. Our suggestion is to get your group, each of you watch the webinar, and then set a day/time for 30-40 minutes of group reflection. Takes you beyond sit and get and into reflect and refine.

Part 3. WEBINAR: Our expert panel of practitioners gathers again with you one week later to follow-up on the learning. A week after each “Thought Leader” webinar, we’ll assemble a group of current practitioners to join Stephen and I to discuss the questions you’ve been considering. We’ll give you a chance to interact with us and with each other at this session, where we bring it all together– the original presentation, your time to reflect, and an expert panel to discuss moving ideas into action.

The three-part piece will take an investment of around two-and-a half hours: an hour each for our broadcast; around a half-hour for your group reflection. Yes, your time is limited, and precious. But we are bringing you the speakers, the questions, and the follow-up, for the terrific price of… well, there’s no price involved. (Albany State University and their University Principal Preparation Initiative have been generous in providing support for these sessions).

You’d be hard-pressed to get to a concise set of content, delivered to you at no cost to you, and in a format intended for immediate implementation within your school. We hope you’ll be interested and make you and your team available to utilize these resources to support your work. And, as always, everyone is welcome and you’re welcome to engage in whatever manner you’d like. While teams will benefit from the contact and the format, individuals can also find it useful. And, if other commitments prevent you from using our suggested format, it’s all good! Grab the pieces you are able to use, when you’re able to use them.

OK, here’s how: register one time and get links to all of the sessions (and access to all of the sets of questions). Please fill out the google form located here: http://tinyurl.com/equityseries and you’ll get links in your email on the dates of all of our sessions.

If you have any questions, please let me know! (Mark at mark.wilson.ga@gmail.com )

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