Equity and Excellence Part One: All of the Recordings

Our first set (of five) sessions of our Equity and Excellence in Our Schools series is complete, and we have all of the recordings available for you below.

The first session featured thought leaders Tommy Welch, Chief Equity and Accountability Officer for the Gwinnett County Schools and Kerensa Wing, 2020 National Principal of the Year (NASSP) and the principal of Collins Hill High School, Gwinnett County Schools.

Stephen Peters and I were joined by Jon-Erik Jones, Liz Raeburn, and Amy Thornton in part two of this segment.

In that session, we reviewed segments from Tommy and Kerensa’s episode and Stephen led the panel in discussion. You can see that episode here:

Here’s our “Why?” for presenting this in this format:

The panel is a part of our effort to: 1) share presentations from leading educational thought leaders; 2) demonstrate a panel conversation around that presentation; and 3) encourage school leaders to have your own conversations with your administrative team, leadership group, or entire faculty. For your convenience, we’ve shared (below) excerpts from the original session. There are four topics in the short clip below. If you want to generate conversations around equity and excellence in YOUR school, you might consider using this clip and these four areas of conversation:

  1. The Effects of the Pandemic on Equity and Excellence in your school;
  2. The Role of Expectations on Equity and Excellence in your school;
  3. What’s Working in your school in the pursuit of Equity and Excellence;
  4. What pathways are you paving towards doors of opportunity for your students?

Equitable opportunities and equitable outcomes don’t occur in our schools without intent. And, that intentionality has to include consistency, which means this is more than the effort of a few. It begins with a few committed people, but equity and excellence only becomes real when it’s part of your school and school system’s culture; a value that nearly everyone considers sacred.

How do you get to there? Conversations. Then more conversations. Examination. Reflection. Commitment.

Our effort is to provide content and structure to support you in building a creative space of inquiry around equity and excellence in your school and system.

Thanks to Albany State University Educational Leadership and The Wallace Foundation for their support of these efforts towards a more equitable future.

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