A Proper Sendoff

As the 2019-2020 school year came to an end, we realized the importance of a proper sendoff. This time ‘we’ wasn’t just the principal and assistant principals, but it was everybody.

It brought a sense of sadness to communities everywhere when we weren’t able to commemorate the close of the year as we had been accustomed.

For some, even the 20-21 school year ended without some of our traditions.

As we close this year for graduates, for retirees, for all of our students, their parents, and our teachers, we have an opportunity to end it with a proper sendoff.

These last days are always hectic… but MAKE A PRIORITY of seeing your people and talking with them. We have shared a lot over these past years, and in the ten months of this school year. Look for ways… one-on-one, in small groups, and as a whole to celebrate success and have year-end conversations with as many of your people as you can. If you have two, maybe three weeks to do so, get started right away and help send your people away with a sense of enthusiasm for the future and a feeling of togetherness as a part of the school. You’re the “mayor” of your school… this time of year you should be out and among your people, giving them the sendoff they want.

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