Opportunity Is At The Door!

What awaits you at the door of your school as the teachers, and then the students and their parents arrive?

Much of that will be determined on your attitude and approach to whats ahead. School leaders often underestimate their influence on climate.

Will the days to come be full of discovery and learning? Will they be held in a setting of excitement and joy?

Much of that will be determined by how YOU answer the door this week and in the next few weeks.

If you greet the faculty and staff with great excitement, with genuine happiness to see them, you’ll set off a series of good vibes that will likely spread around your school.

When the faculty arrives… roll out the red carpet! (No seriously, get a red carpet and connect it to the door of the school where they arrive.) Get your jammy-pack (thanks, Liz Raeburn!) and play some “let’s do something” tunes as they come in.

DON’T sit in your office, or in a meeting when they arrive… you have a chance to welcome them in the manner in which you’d like them to welcome their students. People discern your intent and your priorities more from your actions than your words. Show them that this is going to be a great year together.

Opportunity is knocking… how will you answer?

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