The One About Ensuring Positive Outcomes for Students With Disabilities

Kim Garcia-Bennett (First District RESA and Coastal GLRS), Derrick Butler (Islands HS, Savannah-Chatham Schools) and Liz Raeburn (Bryan County MS/HS) have been collaborating in work focusing on outcomes for students with disabilities through Kim’s project Lead emBRACE.  

On this episode, we hear from Kim, Derrick and Liz about their work and passions and about their collaboration to find effective practices to reach all students, particularly SWD.  

An example of this work can be found in Long County Schools, featured in the August 5, 2022 Federal Programs Newsletter for the Georgia DOE.  Check it out:

District Highlight: Long County Schools Debbie Wingate, Special Education Director in Long County led the initiative to intentionally have all 200 plus teachers trained on specially designed instruction! Their goal was to ensure all teachers were trained with the necessary tools to improve Tier I instruction to close learning gaps. A few factors helped Long County make this decision. Based on data, students’ scores showed a significant loss of learning due to the pandemic, in particular, students with disabilities. Next, the teacher shortage has always been a challenge but has increased significantly in the last few years. Because of this, Long County has hired several special educators who do not have a special education background and are considered out of field Also, they recognized that specially designed instruction benefits not only students with disabilities but all students. They are very excited about this school year and the continued support from Coastal GLRS/FDRESA as they will engage in Action Planning GPS (Monitoring and Accountability of clear and observable expectation) Coaching OT (observations and feedback of Tier I instruction), and continued PD for ME (professional development for engagement). Way to IMPACT, Long County

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