It’s Almost Time For A New Beginning

The Journey Begins Soon

It’s time! To begin a journey together with your teachers, staff, students, their parents, and your community! You are launching a great journey lasting for months.

As you begin, what do you say and do now?

  • Get people excited. Enthusiasm fuels success. As the leader of the group, FIND AND SHOW your enthusiasm for the upcoming days, weeks, and months of the school year. It’s not necessary to tell everyone every thing right now; it’s essential, however, to get them excited about what’s to come. Schedule your time … particularly in the early days of the year… focused on the JOY of the JOURNEY rather than every single detail and rule.
  • Tell them where you’re going. Vision. What is this year going to be all about? You don’t have to list every rest area you may visit along they way and the sheet count in every hotel room, but you DO want to talk about where you’re going. The destination gives strength to the journey.
  • Get to know your passengers. You’re more than the pilot or the driver… you’re the cruise director. You play a part in what kind of journey this becomes for your people. Get to know them at the outset and the journey is more joyful.

Tips for the Beginning of The Year

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