Be Yourself! The Principal Matters! Podcast

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When you lead, you have a lot of forces pulling on you.  Seeking buy-in and approval from supervisors and those you supervise… partnering with parents, connecting with students.  There are a lot of hands to feed and hearts to warm and you have to communicate with a differentiated style.  

While you’re doing that, remember to be yourself.  There’ll be pressure to act like your predecessor (or to NOT act like your predecessor).  People will want to shape you into the leader they want.  But you come into this job with a distinct set of experiences, exposures and values that make you, you.  

This episode focuses on the need to be you as you lead. 

Part of a series of deeper discussions from the pages of Mark WIlson’s latest book, “What They Didn’t Teach You in Fancy Leadership School.”

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