What Do School Leaders Need to Know About ChatGPT and AI? (E2)

In our previous episode, we looked at the fear surrounding the use of “ChatGPT” and AI in school and how it is similar to fear around other technological advances (printed books, automobiles, fire, etc…). In episode two we go from the unknown to the KNOWN.

What should school leaders know about ChatGPT and other generative, large-language model artificial intelligences? WIth the help of some slides from our collaborator Daniel Rivera, we offer some specifics (key words to know), some background (we use AI ALL THE TIME now… spotify, banking apps, siri and alexa and more), and some valued applications (lesson plans for teachers, help in writing emails and other tasks for you) that we may find in the school setting. Yes, we do acknowledge the big baddies of ChatGPT-like AIs…. ease in cheating, dependence on technology, wrong answers from the AI… and offer some perspective on applications of all types (playing chess or checkers?).

This is episode two of this series and a part of ExpressEd, where we take a presentation we might give at a conference or workshop and break it down into several shorter segments that we share with you. Thanks for watching. For all of our resources, visit principal-matters.com

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  1. Thanks Mark! I am just beginning to learn about this. I appreciate you taking to put this in more understandable terms!

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