The Principal Matters! Podcast: How to Build a Team

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Being part of a team means playing your role, and ultimately, recognizing that every role is important.

In this episode of The Principal Matters! Podcast, Mark Wilson talks with Stacy Stephens of Crisp County Elementary School about building a team and the importance of helping your team see the collective vision. Stacy is a former basketball coach and uses his expertise in coaching to help us find the best ways for our own team(s) to be successful, because our ability to be able to bring people together and build a team is vital to being an effective leader and principal. Listen to the full episode for even more insight from Stacy and Mark!

This podcast is part of a series of deeper discussions from the pages of Mark WIlson’s latest book, “What They Didn’t Teach You in Fancy Leadership School.” Listen to more episodes here: The Principal Matters!

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