About Principal Matters!


Being a Principal or Assistant Principal is challenging work.  You have to be a hard worker to be selected for school leadership, but you quickly find out that your hard work alone won’t lead to success as a school leader.  It is only through collaboration with others — many others — that you are able to be successful in school leadership.  The only way to improve as a principal?  Continuous professional learning.  Principal Matters! was created to support that learning and to encourage school leaders in their critical work.

Principal Matters! begins it’s seventh year of publication and is distributed nationally for principals, assistant principals, aspiring leaders and those who support them.

Principal Matters! is written by Mark Wilson.

Here’s the short version:  Before he began this work, Mark was a teacher, coach, and a principal.  Now, he teaches and coaches principals.

Dr. Wilson has been in education for over thirty years and has been in full-time support of leaders and teachers since 2012.  He’s travelled across the United States, delivering inspirational messages, workshops for faculties, and classes for school leaders.



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