Building Leaders

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Teams of Three Learn Together.
Any combination of Principals, APs, Aspiring Leader…whomever you want to learn together as a team of 3 for leadership development.
We help you establish a three-person learning circle at your system.
You can have a New Principal, Assistant Principal, and an Aspiring Leader. Not what works best for you? No problem. You can mix and match. Pick any combination three people who will commit to leadership learning (and to each other) for 60 minutes a week for the school year.
Dr. Mark Wilson hosts a LIVE, group session for everyone in the Building Leaders program. If you’re a New Principal? You need some extra assistance.
We schedule a monthly 1:1 session for new principals.
Dr. Wilson visits your area at least three times during the school year, and also has “Meet Ups” for people in the Building Leaders community at Winter and Summer GAEL.

We help guide your learning in a collaborative format and make the most of your time!
You’ll get your own personal guidebook for your leadership growth this year. It’s not for an assignment; it’s for your own leadership growth.
We connect you with five other leaders that are like you from across the state to meet with virtually each month for an hour. You’ll love this interaction and opportunity to learn.
As a member of the Building Leaders community, you get access to the BAT Phone. You’ll have opportunities to talk 1:1 with Mark during weekly virtual office hours.

Because we can save you travel time, you only need to budget 60 minutes a week to be an engaged member of your learning circles and the Building Leaders Community. A little bit each week makes for a richer learning experience.
How much does it cost?
$2,000 for everything, for the entire year. (per participant, member of a three-person team).