Friends: The Hidden Dropout Prevention Heroes

What if one of the most effective tools in reducing dropouts is sitting right next to the student who needs help the most? Friends. In a recent article from the BBC (January 17, 2017), Judith Burns cited an Arizona State University research study which concluded that “positive parental and friendship group influences are key to cutting drop-out rates.” In concert with researchContinue reading “Friends: The Hidden Dropout Prevention Heroes”

Who Are The Difference-Makers in Dropout Prevention?

Who are the difference-makers? Someone has made a difference.  There’s a lot to celebrate in the realm of dropout prevention.  The graduating class of students in the US in 2016 reached a new record, with a graduation rate of 83.2%, continuing an upward trend of over four percentage points since 2010. While there will beContinue reading “Who Are The Difference-Makers in Dropout Prevention?”

Fifteen Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention

In yesterday’s blog, we talked about 21  factors that might predict which students are most at-risk of dropping out.  Today, the antidote:  fifteen effective strategies for dropout prevention, based on the research of the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC). Just as any of our students can be at-risk of not graduating, anyone in our school and communityContinue reading “Fifteen Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention”

So, Exactly Who is “At-Risk”?

We often talk in education about “at-risk” youth, and the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) recently concluded its annual At-Risk Youth Forum.  So, exactly who is “at-risk”? For practical purposes, all students, to a degree, are at-risk to drop out of school and not graduate on time with their class right up to the pointContinue reading “So, Exactly Who is “At-Risk”?”

Reducing Dropouts Is Everyone’s Business

What do we do to reduce the number of dropouts?  Each year, young people make the decision to withdraw from school before they have earned a high school diploma.  The celebration of graduation is an event with many contributors, not just those at the high school.  When a student earns a diploma, it represents aContinue reading “Reducing Dropouts Is Everyone’s Business”

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