Engaging Instruction Is Key to Freshman Success

It really does always come back to the classroom and the teacher. We talk about a lot of things when we look at success in school and they all are very important.  The most important, though, is what happens in the classroom, and the relationship between teacher and student. This week, Principal Matters! has been highlightingContinue reading “Engaging Instruction Is Key to Freshman Success”

What Is The Culture Around Freshmen at Your School? (And Why It Matters)

What kind of reception do the freshmen get at your school?  Are they looked at with great anticipation?  Are they welcomed with open arms?  What effort do you make to help them have a smooth transition? We’ve been looking at ninth-graders this week, but if you work at a different grade band, you can translateContinue reading “What Is The Culture Around Freshmen at Your School? (And Why It Matters)”

Support: Pillar of School Success

This week, we’ve been looking at how to develop a successful program for ninth-graders.  While the focus has been on the freshmen, if you don’t work in a high school don’t feel like you’re left out of this conversation:  the same efforts can support your work at any grade band. Yesterday, we looked at theContinue reading “Support: Pillar of School Success”

Designing Your School For Success

Schools, as well as other organizations, usually produce outcomes based on their design.  Have you given much thought to that proposition?  The results you’re getting relate to the design of your school.  If you are successful, it’s not an accident.  If you’re not getting the outcomes you are after, maybe you need to make some changesContinue reading “Designing Your School For Success”

Freshman Success: Strong Start, Successful Finish

Why do students dropout of school?  The research of the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) reveals that it’s not just one thing, but typically a combination of factors that lead a student to that life-changing decision. One of the most effective practices to “stop the drop” and reverse the effect of those factors is a successfulContinue reading “Freshman Success: Strong Start, Successful Finish”

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