The Words You Want to Hear: I Have An Idea

Ideas are incredible, and they are literally everywhere around your school this very minute.  The problem with a lot of those ideas is this:  their owners aren’t going to share them with you. Your school is either a fountain or a drain.  It’s either a place where ideas are appreciated, encouraged, and valued or a placeContinue reading “The Words You Want to Hear: I Have An Idea”

How The Fear of Failure Suffocates Innovation

  One of the leaders in our session yesterday shared a powerful strategy her school has recently employed. Instead of beginning their meetings sharing their successes, they instead share their failures. Their approach is sure to lead to improved outcomes and a better place to work.  The “perfect” business is exhausting!  In schools, we can beContinue reading “How The Fear of Failure Suffocates Innovation”

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