Time Management: The Principal’s Challenge

One of my greatest privileges is to lead groups of principals and assistant principals in professional development.  Part of that experience is the opportunity for our leaders to be together and to share concerns with others who understand where they’re coming from.  When we gather, I often toss out the query, “what is it you’reContinue reading “Time Management: The Principal’s Challenge”

If You Think You Can, You’re Probably Right: Confidence and the Principal

  As the leader, if you don’t believe it’s unlikely you’ll get others to believe you either. Confidence is one of the reasons why principals are successful, or, in its absence, why they struggle.  Your success as the principal is more about what you’re able to get others to do and not just what youContinue reading “If You Think You Can, You’re Probably Right: Confidence and the Principal”

Professional Reading Saturday: Turn The Ship Around!

WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT SATURDAYS HERE AT PRINCIPAL-MATTERS?  PROFESSIONAL READING SATURDAY!  THIS WEEK’S SUGGESTION CONNECTS WITH OUR FOCUS IN JANUARY ON DEVELOPING A COMMUNITY OF CARE AND SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS. Closing the Attitude Gap By Baruti Kafele Principal Kafele is sharing resources with you on a regular basis to help you in your work as a school leader. […]

Lead! It’s What Successful Principals Do

One of the differences between successful principals and those who struggle is the capacity to lead.  What does that mean? Many people who attain the position of principal have gotten there because they can get things accomplished.  They are doers, workers, task-driven and on-time.  Those are great qualities and traits and are important if you’reContinue reading “Lead! It’s What Successful Principals Do”

Five Traits of Principals Who Communicate Effectively

Communication and the Principal. As we continue to examine what areas distinguish the successful principals from the struggling ones, communication is near the top of the list.  Nearly everyone who accepts a principalship has good intentions, wants to do a good job, and has previously been successful professionally.  That alone doesn’t guarantee success. Communicating effectivelyContinue reading “Five Traits of Principals Who Communicate Effectively”

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