Teacher-Leaders Need Training and Support

The work of teachers and schools is increasingly more complex than ever before.  We evaluate our teachers’ effectiveness in preparation and delivery of instruction; communication and professionalism; engagement, assessment, differentiation, and design.  Our expectations for the outcomes of their work is that all of our students will grow in their competencies, and that those who are competentContinue reading “Teacher-Leaders Need Training and Support”

Stop Looking At Your Phone All The Time!

Imagine that you’re a principal and you’ve joined your colleagues for the leadership meeting with the superintendent and staff at central office.  The year is 2002.  It’s five years before the birth of the first iPhone (June 29, 2007) and another year before the Blackberry RIM 850 and 857 debut. Now, for a moment, imagine thatContinue reading “Stop Looking At Your Phone All The Time!”

The Truth About Stress and Managing It Effectively

In an article printed in  Harvard Business Review,  James Bailey writes about stress and how the leader can “combat its corrosive effects.” School leaders are under tremendous stress.  As Bailey suggests, all stress isn’t bad; stress can make you refocus, get tasks completed, and energize you for performance.  That sort of “good stress” is only helpfulContinue reading “The Truth About Stress and Managing It Effectively”

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