How To Partner With Parents For Success

“Decades of social science research have demonstrated that differences in quality of schools can explain about one-third of the variation in student achievement. But the other two-thirds is attributable to non-school factors.” Richard Rothstein, 2010, How To Fix Our Schools Working to lead students to success without developing a partnership with their parents is likeContinue reading “How To Partner With Parents For Success”

Ten End-Of-The-Year Questions For Parents

One of the greatest areas of growth in our schools is in our work with parents.  As we reach the end of the school year, now is a good time to get data from our parents. We can do so in surveys, in formal meetings, small-group settings, and informally.   Perhaps as important as whenContinue reading “Ten End-Of-The-Year Questions For Parents”

Cupcake Wars: Let Them Eat (Cup) Cake!

We need to partner with parents.  Their contribution to their child’s performance in school is just as critical as that of the school’s.  The attitude that parents have about the school is coming back to you everyday through their child.  Your student’s effort in school is critical to their performance academically, socially, and behaviorally.  TheContinue reading “Cupcake Wars: Let Them Eat (Cup) Cake!”

Resources for Partnering With Parents

If we are to lead our students to their academic potential, we need a partnership with parents and “home.”  Research shows that school accounts for one-third of a student’s academic achievement, but as leaders in our field, we should feel compelled to find effective ways to build partnerships that work towards academic success.  Please take a look backContinue reading “Resources for Partnering With Parents”

Working On Our Relationships With Parents

At schools and as school leaders, we should be having an epiphany of sorts if we haven’t already done so.  We should be understanding that instead of wishing our students’ parents were our partners, we should be working intentionally on our relationships with them to make it so. The impact of school makes up aboutContinue reading “Working On Our Relationships With Parents”

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