Twenty Questions: The Administrator’s Version

This week at Principal Matters! has been one question after another.  Our focus has been on gathering meaningful perception data while the opportunity exists.  You can’t get year-end, summative perceptions until near the end of the year.  If you wait too late, however, you’ll have missed the moment and thoughts will fade away about this schoolContinue reading “Twenty Questions: The Administrator’s Version”

When Principals Have Adequate Support Schools Are More Effective

There are several reasons why some principals are successful and some struggle. The previous week’s blog posts have explored the first seven of those reasons; we conclude this series by looking at an area that ought to be a strength for all principals. The job of principal is complex, multi-tiered, fast-paced, quickly-changing and often exhausting.  Despite itContinue reading “When Principals Have Adequate Support Schools Are More Effective”

Lead! It’s What Successful Principals Do

One of the differences between successful principals and those who struggle is the capacity to lead.  What does that mean? Many people who attain the position of principal have gotten there because they can get things accomplished.  They are doers, workers, task-driven and on-time.  Those are great qualities and traits and are important if you’reContinue reading “Lead! It’s What Successful Principals Do”

Five Traits of Principals Who Communicate Effectively

Communication and the Principal. As we continue to examine what areas distinguish the successful principals from the struggling ones, communication is near the top of the list.  Nearly everyone who accepts a principalship has good intentions, wants to do a good job, and has previously been successful professionally.  That alone doesn’t guarantee success. Communicating effectivelyContinue reading “Five Traits of Principals Who Communicate Effectively”

Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions: Principals Need All for Success

The job of school principal is a significant  one for the life of the school.  It brings with it immense responsibility, massive work load, and daily unpredictability.  Despite the challenges, it is (in my opinion) the greatest job you will ever have as long as you are prepared for it. If you’re already a principal, you may have justContinue reading “Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions: Principals Need All for Success”

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