Professional Reading Saturday: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

It’s been questions week at Principal Matters!;  questions for you as the principal or assistant principal to ask your teachers, your students, their parents, and even yourself.  As you reach the conclusion of the school year, you need to gather the data that will help you design next school year.  To do so, you need to askContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions”

Professional Reading Saturday: Reframing Teacher Leadership

We’ve spent the last two weeks focusing on teacher-leaders and how principals and assistant principals can support them.  Our Professional Reading Saturday recommendation is Reframing Teacher Leadership from educational leadership icon Douglas B. Reeves.  Reeves is the founder of Creative Leadership Solutions and author of dozens of works covering an array of educational topics from creativity to grading.  Much ofContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Reframing Teacher Leadership”

Professional Reading Saturday: The Ideal Team Player

This week our focus has been teacher teams  and teacher-leaders.  For this Saturday’s professional reading recommendation, we go back to the today’s clearest voice on how teams work, Patrick Lencioni, and his book, The Ideal Team Player. As he did in The Five Dysfunctions of A Team (previously recommended here), Lencioini shares a business fable to guide the reader into an understandingContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: The Ideal Team Player”

Professional Reading Saturday: Cooperative Discipline

“…students choose their behavior, and we have the power to influence… not control… their choices.  The change starts with the teachers.  We need to learn how to interact with students so they’ll want to choose appropriate behavior and comply with the rules.”  Linda Albert’s Cooperative Discipline isn’t a new book, but it’s just as valuable nowContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Cooperative Discipline”

Professional Reading Saturday: Ideas For An Effective Book Study

Hello, Principal Matters! friends.  This Saturday (as every Saturday) is time to look at the professional reading shelf, but with a twist. Many principals and assistant principals ask for ideas for a book study.  While we offer a different book for your consideration here each week, there are some things worth thinking about when “shopping” for bookContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Ideas For An Effective Book Study”

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