Professional Reading Saturday: The Innovator’s Mindset

This week at Principal Matters! we’ve been examining leadership for innovation.  We pondered the question “Are You an Innovative Leader?”  and dug deep into failure with a look at How Fear Suffocates Innovation.  Yesterday was time to reflect on your school’s attitude towards ideas and the people who have them (The Words You Want To Hear:  I Have an Idea).Continue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: The Innovator’s Mindset”

Professional Reading Saturday: Chess, Not Checkers

All week at Principal Matters! the discussion has been about leading on a split-screen; planning for next year while leading this year. Our Professional Reading suggestion for this Saturday relates to this week’s topic.  Chess, Not Checkers  is a quick read that can help you think about the critical habit of the leader who is thinkingContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Chess, Not Checkers”

Eat That Frog! Our Book DuJour

Mark Twain once said that if you woke up every morning and ate a live frog, that would most likely be the worst thing that would happen to you all day, giving you the confidence to know that you had that behind you already! Internationally acclaimed author and speaker Brian Tracy serves up a helping ofContinue reading “Eat That Frog! Our Book DuJour”

Professional Reading Saturday: Reaching The Wounded Student

Reaching The Wounded Student  By Joe Hendershott In each of our schools, we work to serve our students.  We develop pyramids of intervention for academics, we differentiate instruction, we tailor support systems for after-school programs. But do we have the resources and mindsets needed to help students in our schools who have been wounded? Joe Hendershott and hisContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Reaching The Wounded Student”

The Five Dysfunctions of Team: Professional Reading Saturday

Schools are about teamwork.  Students work together, teachers collaborate in meaningful teams, we learn in professional learning communities.  The principal is the orchestra leader of all of the sections of the school.  But, what happens when the teams aren’t effective? We need to be more intentional in building and developing teams in our schools.   A greatContinue reading “The Five Dysfunctions of Team: Professional Reading Saturday”

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