Professional Reading Saturday: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

It’s been questions week at Principal Matters!;  questions for you as the principal or assistant principal to ask your teachers, your students, their parents, and even yourself.  As you reach the conclusion of the school year, you need to gather the data that will help you design next school year.  To do so, you need to askContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Good Leaders Ask Great Questions”

Twenty End-of-the-Year Questions To Ask Your Teachers

As has been our theme all week long, we look again at questions, and in this column, questions for… the teachers. Yes, teachers get surveyed a lot.  You may prefer to gather this data in small groups, in meetings, or in a format that leads to more openness and deeper reflection. In concluding the schoolContinue reading “Twenty End-of-the-Year Questions To Ask Your Teachers”

Ten End-Of-The-Year Questions For Parents

One of the greatest areas of growth in our schools is in our work with parents.  As we reach the end of the school year, now is a good time to get data from our parents. We can do so in surveys, in formal meetings, small-group settings, and informally.   Perhaps as important as whenContinue reading “Ten End-Of-The-Year Questions For Parents”

End-of-the-Year Questions For Your Students

The most underutilized group of people in most schools?  Students. We often make decisions about them without spending time in conversation with them.  Many is the time we design an initiative that we think will be attractive to our students without actually having spoken with them about what they like and what motivates them. As you gather meaningfulContinue reading “End-of-the-Year Questions For Your Students”

How Did We Do This Year? Ask The Right Questions

As we approach the conclusion of this school year, if you’re a principal, you should be asking, “how did we do this year?”  On one hand, you’re probably thinking that soon enough you’ll have the year-end data that will answer that question.  If you’re counting on your summative data to tell you all that you need toContinue reading “How Did We Do This Year? Ask The Right Questions”

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