Safe and Orderly Schools: Learning Resources

  In schools everywhere, there is a spotlight on safety and on leading a school that is “safe and orderly.”  At first glance it seems like it’s all about a focus on security and preventing intruders from disrupting the safety and lives of our children and staffs. When you look again, leading a safe andContinue reading “Safe and Orderly Schools: Learning Resources”

Impact School Culture With Positive Post-Its

When high school student Caitlin Prater-Haacke was bullied, she rose up, took it positive, and created a movement that you and your school can join today. Caitlin was horrified to find that her school locker was broken into and someone used her iPad to make terrible posts to her Facebook page, including one that said sheContinue reading “Impact School Culture With Positive Post-Its”

Students Can’t Learn If They Don’t Feel Safe

Think about a time you were somewhere and didn’t feel safe.  What was on your mind?  Did your feelings of uneasiness go away easily?  Were you quick to let your guard down and be vulnerable? All right now imagine that at that very moment someone tried to get you to complete a task, learn a newContinue reading “Students Can’t Learn If They Don’t Feel Safe”

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