Influencing Others Through Relationships

One of the most common leadership mistakes is thinking you’ll get maximum performance from others without first building relationships with them. As school leaders, our success is measured not only by our own actions but even more so by the work of those we lead. The same is true of our teachers and their students.Continue reading “Influencing Others Through Relationships”

Positive Relationships: Path to Success in Your School

Nearly everyone talks about the importance of relationships at a school. So many conversations work around into the comment, “it’s all about relationships.” For the principal or assistant principal to work well with the faculty and staff? It’s all about relationships. The teacher and her students? Also, all about relationships. Partnership between the school andContinue reading “Positive Relationships: Path to Success in Your School”

Passion For Learning! A Force To Be Reckoned With

Attitude Check Above the door leading into the Professional Learning room of a school I was visiting was a sign that greeted participants with this question: What attitude do you bring to today’s learning?  It’s a great question to pose, as it forces its readers into a brief moment of reflection about their approach toContinue reading “Passion For Learning! A Force To Be Reckoned With”

Successful Schools Begin When The Adults Believe They Can Lead Success

Science has proven what you probably suspected. The number one influence in schools related to student achievement is what your teachers collectively believe about your students.  John Hattie and his team, using a meta meta-analysis have studied effect size of what works in schools.  Hattie’s work is chronicled in his numerous books, conference speeches, and papers,Continue reading “Successful Schools Begin When The Adults Believe They Can Lead Success”

Keep the Momentum Going! Here’s How.

Ever heard a principal say, “we had the best opening we’ve ever had.  I just hope we can keep the momentum going…” Each year while teaching school leadership classes, I’ll ask, “who had a good opening to school?”  No matter where we are, the response is consistent:  nearly everyone raises their hand with a slight nod andContinue reading “Keep the Momentum Going! Here’s How.”

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