It’s October. What have we learned so far?

While the temperature soared around 90 degrees in much of Georgia today, the calendar told an entirely different story.  It’s October. So, what have you learned so far? You’ve been in school long enough to generate the necessary data to make important inferences.  But, if you don’t invest adequate time to look and listen, youContinue reading “It’s October. What have we learned so far?”

Reflective Practice Is A Start: Creative Practice Is Next Step

Reflective practice. Hopefully as the leader you’ve adopted the practice of reflection.  The most effective leaders are those who are intentional in their work, reflect on what their practices, and are interested in continued growth.  Reflection is a critical part of the process; it means that you invest the time to do more than justContinue reading “Reflective Practice Is A Start: Creative Practice Is Next Step”

Professional Reading Saturday: Chess, Not Checkers

All week at Principal Matters! the discussion has been about leading on a split-screen; planning for next year while leading this year. Our Professional Reading suggestion for this Saturday relates to this week’s topic.  Chess, Not Checkers  is a quick read that can help you think about the critical habit of the leader who is thinkingContinue reading “Professional Reading Saturday: Chess, Not Checkers”

I Know What You (Need To Do) This Summer

OK, I don’t  know what you did last summer, but I know what you need to do this summer, if you’re a principal. Before we get to that, aren’t you amazed that people have no idea what the principal does during the summer? I remember when someone, someone nice and well-intending would ask me at awards night, “whatContinue reading “I Know What You (Need To Do) This Summer”

Planning Now For Post-Planning Days

There are items whose scarcity makes them beyond valuable.  They are referred to as ‘precious.’  Gold.  Diamonds.  And days with your teachers when students aren’t in school. The opportunity to work with, to plan with, to professionally learn with your faculty is indeed a precious thing.  Although we would benefit from having more of these days, andContinue reading “Planning Now For Post-Planning Days”

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