Successful Schools Begin When The Adults Believe They Can Lead Success

Science has proven what you probably suspected. The number one influence in schools related to student achievement is what your teachers collectively believe about your students.  John Hattie and his team, using a meta meta-analysis have studied effect size of what works in schools.  Hattie’s work is chronicled in his numerous books, conference speeches, and papers,Continue reading “Successful Schools Begin When The Adults Believe They Can Lead Success”

Your Job? Helping Teachers Grow.

Becoming a Principal can be a curious thing. You get the job before you know the job, and then a big part of your job is to figure out what your job really is. Are you with me?  Please let me explain. The expectations of the principal haven’t changed over the years… instead, they’ve multiplied! Continue reading “Your Job? Helping Teachers Grow.”

Leading A Culture of Professional Growth for All Teachers

Do you have MTSS for your teachers?  We often think that we don’t have to differentiate for our teachers since they’re professionals, they’re adults, and they’re paid to come to work. What if we could develop a more effective approach to helping our teachers grow by differentiating our work with them towards their development? TheContinue reading “Leading A Culture of Professional Growth for All Teachers”

It’s Not The Ideas; It’s The Implementation

OK!  You’re convinced that the growth of your teachers is critical for success at your school and now you’re ready to do something about it. You’ve been credentialed to evaluate teachers, you’ve been recognized as a good teacher yourself, and you have served as an instructional coach and/or a team or department leader. In short,Continue reading “It’s Not The Ideas; It’s The Implementation”

The Teacher’s Journey: The Paths That Led Your Faculty Together

As the new school year begins, it’s important for the principal and the administrative team to focus on the mindset of the teachers as they prepare to welcome the students for another year of exploration and learning. Here is an activity you can use that can help connect your teachers to their purpose, to theirContinue reading “The Teacher’s Journey: The Paths That Led Your Faculty Together”

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