What If We Focused on Leadership With Everybody?

Principals and Assistant Principals hear a lot about leadership.  If you serve the school in one of those roles, you are identified as a leader by title.  You’re also called upon to extend leadership to others, which often means teachers, a leadership team, and others who are involved with you in the administration and leadershipContinue reading “What If We Focused on Leadership With Everybody?”

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” But You Often Do Get What You Expect – Teacher-Leaders

One of the things that has become clear to me over the past five years is that principals who aren’t happy with the way things are going often have no further to look for a reason than the person sitting behind their desk. Not the visitor’s side of the desk.  YOUR side. This column isn’tContinue reading ““You Can’t Always Get What You Want” But You Often Do Get What You Expect – Teacher-Leaders”

When You Bring Your “Leadership Team” Together What Do You Hope to Accomplish?

Here’s a question for you if you’re a principal :  what is the purpose of your “leadership” team? What is that you want to accomplish by bringing a group of teachers together and calling them “the leadership team” or something similar?   Have you pondered that question or are you having a leadership team because thereContinue reading “When You Bring Your “Leadership Team” Together What Do You Hope to Accomplish?”

Help! The Third-Grade Teachers Aren’t Talking!

Teams of teachers can do amazing things together.  Sometimes, however, they don’t. In my work supporting leaders in schools, “teams gone wild” is a frequent situation that I’m often asked about by principals and assistant principals.  This week at Principal Matters! we’ve examined teacher teams and specifically teacher-leaders.  Today, our focus is on diagnosing the dysfunctional team. So the question at handContinue reading “Help! The Third-Grade Teachers Aren’t Talking!”

What Principals Can Pour Into Teacher-Leaders

This week at Principal Matters!, we’ve focused on teacher teams and teacher-leaders (T-L).  To catch you up for today, here’s the picture that’s painted so far: It’s necessary for teachers to work together in teams for our schools to be effective; Teacher teams need purpose, selflessness, and professionalism to be their best; Administrators shouldn’t expect teacher-leaders toContinue reading “What Principals Can Pour Into Teacher-Leaders”

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