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Kelly Flatt, Assistant Principal at Pickens High School in Jasper, GA sent this and said “watch it now!” Drew Dudley shared this amazing talk at TEDx Toronto. Who has given you a “lollipop moment?” Have you thanked them? Who are you making a difference for that you might not even have noticed?
Michael Perry is the Principal at Greenville Middle School in Meriwether County and he recommends this talk from TEDx Westchester presenter Matt Tenney, titled “Why the Best Leaders Make LOVE the top priority.” What if YOU changed your priorities? What would schools like if they were all led by love?

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How To Inspire and Motivate Others w/ Melinda Fonteboa

Principal Matters! ~ Mark Wilson 21 views August 28, 2022 11:00 am

Stress and the School Leader

School leaders have stressful jobs. But what does stress do to your brain? This short video shows you what happens and why you need to develop coping techniques to best manage your stress.
Stress is Real!… and you can do something about it. Coach Anne Stamps shares the hidden secret of breathing.