Your Job? Helping Teachers Grow.

Becoming a Principal can be a curious thing. You get the job before you know the job, and then a big part of your job is to figure out what your job really is. Are you with me?  Please let me explain. The expectations of the principal haven’t changed over the years… instead, they’ve multiplied! Continue reading “Your Job? Helping Teachers Grow.”

Trust and the Principal.

Everyone who begins a new tenure at a school as the Principal hears the same advice: (including from Principal Matters!)  don’t start making changes right away, and maybe not any big changes in your first year at all. You’ve heard that.  It most usually holds true.  The ‘why’ of it, however, isn’t always discussed. It’s prettyContinue reading “Trust and the Principal.”

The New Principal Show! August 13- Season Two Debut

Being a Principal is the greatest job ever! AND, it’s really a challenge. You need to be in conversation with other practitioners.  We provide the opportunity for you to do so without leaving your home. The New Principal Show! is back for Season Two and begins on Monday, August 13.   From 8-9 PM at this link: WeContinue reading “The New Principal Show! August 13- Season Two Debut”

The New Principal Show! Season Two Begins August 13

We’re pleased to announce Season Two of “The New Principal Show!”, debuting on Monday, August 13. Features for Season Two include: Ten Live Shows. Once each month (from August through May), we will host a LIVE show, featuring guests, and providing an interactive opportunity for anyone who joins.  You can reach these shows by joining usContinue reading “The New Principal Show! Season Two Begins August 13”

Ten Things To Remember As Teachers Return To School

While I was at dinner, I heard someone in the restaurant, obviously a teacher, talking to a friend in line.  I heard her reply, but context leads me to believe it was the question every teacher is hearing now. “Are you about ready for school to start?” The teacher, replied back, “yes, I’m excited toContinue reading “Ten Things To Remember As Teachers Return To School”

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