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Fancy Leadership School

By Mark Wilson.           244 pages; 65 Chapters

The purpose of Fancy Leadership School is pretty simple; I have the privilege to be in different schools most every week. I’m able to be behind the scenes with principals like a National Geographic documentary. I want to share those experiences with you, via this book. The things I’ve learned from 7,500 school visits and counting, condensed into these sections and pages, in the hopes that it will help you in your work.

These experiences have taught me a lot about new principals:

  • What makes them struggle; (pride, ineffective working relationship with assistant principal(s), poor communication)
  • What makes them soar; (confidence, making connections and building relationships, humility)
  • What is most likely to reach up from the turf and tackle them mid-run. (things that didn’t have anything to do with them, failure to listen, trying to go too far too fast)

In short chapters you can read over the course of the school year, this book shares with you what works… and what usually doesn’t.

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