Exemplary Work in Remote Learning and Leading (Volume 3)

People everywhere are seeing what we all have always known– that teachers, administrators and staff are dedicated, resourceful, and capable of amazing things. I continue to marvel at how in a matter of hours we flipped to a digitally-delivered learning environment AND, added in preparing, distributing and delivering meals to boot! As we approach weekContinue reading “Exemplary Work in Remote Learning and Leading (Volume 3)”

Remote Learning Examples: Volume 2

What are others doing? What can I be doing? We ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Here are twelve terrific ideas from your colleagues from today. You may already be doing some or all of them, but maybe they’ll remind you of someone who needs your attention, or inspire you in your work. THANKS to allContinue reading “Remote Learning Examples: Volume 2”

The “Seven Cs” of Remote Leadership

Remote learning has been around for some time and nearly everyone has some experience with it. Remote leadership is a bit of a different story. While full-time, all-the-time, digital learning leaders have experience in this, for most everyone else, this is new ground (and especially at such a large scale). What does it take toContinue reading “The “Seven Cs” of Remote Leadership”

Exemplary Work in Remote Leadership

Thank you! The work that you, your teachers, your custodians, your nutrition teams, your technology people, your staff have been doing is nothing short of amazing, inspirational, and powerful. Thank you all for what you are doing to bring learning, caring, calm, and a sense of normalcy in a time that is anything but. Working through obstacles is what we’reContinue reading “Exemplary Work in Remote Leadership”

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