Trust and the Principal.

Everyone who begins a new tenure at a school as the Principal hears the same advice: (including from Principal Matters!)  don’t start making changes right away, and maybe not any big changes in your first year at all. You’ve heard that.  It most usually holds true.  The ‘why’ of it, however, isn’t always discussed. It’s prettyContinue reading “Trust and the Principal.”

The New Principal Show! August 13- Season Two Debut

Being a Principal is the greatest job ever! AND, it’s really a challenge. You need to be in conversation with other practitioners.  We provide the opportunity for you to do so without leaving your home. The New Principal Show! is back for Season Two and begins on Monday, August 13.   From 8-9 PM at this link: WeContinue reading “The New Principal Show! August 13- Season Two Debut”

Better Together: The Principal Experience

It’s amazing to hear principal-after-principal, independent of each other, talk about how they once “thought they could do it all” before realizing school leadership is better when done collaboratively. It’s also a profession, requiring of you sound judgment in unpredictable situations.  You can learn a lot from others who have done, or are doing, theContinue reading “Better Together: The Principal Experience”

The New Principal and Instructional Leadership

When superintendents ask me if I know good candidates for principal positions, I always ask them what they’re looking for, but I know what they’ll say. “We’re looking for… an instructional leader.” With our focus on learning and student growth, it’s what you need to be to do what you need to do. As theContinue reading “The New Principal and Instructional Leadership”

The New Principal Show! Live from Summer GAEL- A Recap

Principals, APs and other school leaders gathered yesterday at Jekyll Island at the Summer GAEL Conference for our LIVE session to support new principals. Our topics included discussions on the previous two blogposts found here:  Principles for New Principals  ( ) and This! Not That! ( ) We also heard from three leaders who haveContinue reading “The New Principal Show! Live from Summer GAEL- A Recap”

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