New Principal Academy! Episode 1 The Principal-Matters! Podcast

Mark Wilson's New Principal Academy begins it's ninth year.  Our summer series to get off to a good start is LIVE each Tuesday in July at 10:00 AM.  Here's the link to get register. (Register once, you're registered for the series. The PPT slides from session one can be found here: Each session we tackle five essential questions for the new principal.  In session one, we examined these:    Who are you? What is your job? How do you get permission to do your job? Do you understand WHY you can’t make change too quickly? How do you “make it” as a principal?   
  1. New Principal Academy! Episode 1
  2. Social Justice Education & The School Leader: With Sherida Habersham and Cicely Lewis
  3. Social Justice Education and the School Leader: With Jimmy Casas and Baruti Kafele
  4. SJE and TSL E1: Being A Champion for Social Justice
  5. SJE and TSL: Preparing Teachers To Discuss Social Justice and Anti-Racism