The One With Liz Raeburn and Amy Thornton 3-2-1… Lead!

Liz Raeburn and Amy Thornton joined us on the 3-2-1 Lead! Podcast this week to share stories from their lives, work, and passions.   Liz is the Principal of Bryan County Middle/High School in Bryan County, GA.   Amy is K-12 Liaison for Troup County Schools in LaGrange, GA where she supports principals, APs, and schools across the system.
  1. The One With Liz Raeburn and Amy Thornton
  2. The One About Wes Taylor and Sam DePaul and Sam’s New Book
  3. The One About Ensuring Positive Outcomes for Students With Disabilities
  4. The One With Stephen Peters and Steve Miletto

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“3-2-1… Lead!”

It’s a different kind of school leadership podcast in that our format stays consistent each episode.

Here’s how it works! An educator (or educators) join me one each episode and during our time together we talk about these things:

3 Things about them;

2 Things about their work;

1 Thing they’re passionate about it;

and what they’ve learned about leading, particularly school leadership.

It’s fun, conversational, fast-paced and full of insight and information for our listeners.