Help! I’m Working All the Time And Not Getting Anywhere!

If you’re working long hours every day, taking work home every night, spending lots of your weekend doing emails and paperwork, and always feeling like you’re running behind, rest assured you’re not the only one. Just because others are doing it doesn’t make it any less damaging to you as a leader.  At this timeContinue reading “Help! I’m Working All the Time And Not Getting Anywhere!”

It’s October. What have we learned so far?

While the temperature soared around 90 degrees in much of Georgia today, the calendar told an entirely different story.  It’s October. So, what have you learned so far? You’ve been in school long enough to generate the necessary data to make important inferences.  But, if you don’t invest adequate time to look and listen, youContinue reading “It’s October. What have we learned so far?”

Successful Schools Begin When The Adults Believe They Can Lead Success

Science has proven what you probably suspected. The number one influence in schools related to student achievement is what your teachers collectively believe about your students.  John Hattie and his team, using a meta meta-analysis have studied effect size of what works in schools.  Hattie’s work is chronicled in his numerous books, conference speeches, and papers,Continue reading “Successful Schools Begin When The Adults Believe They Can Lead Success”

Safe and Orderly Schools: Learning Resources

  In schools everywhere, there is a spotlight on safety and on leading a school that is “safe and orderly.”  At first glance it seems like it’s all about a focus on security and preventing intruders from disrupting the safety and lives of our children and staffs. When you look again, leading a safe andContinue reading “Safe and Orderly Schools: Learning Resources”

Your Job? Helping Teachers Grow.

Becoming a Principal can be a curious thing. You get the job before you know the job, and then a big part of your job is to figure out what your job really is. Are you with me?  Please let me explain. The expectations of the principal haven’t changed over the years… instead, they’ve multiplied! Continue reading “Your Job? Helping Teachers Grow.”

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